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On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Kevin M Randall wrote:

What do you call the “US RDA Test” that garnered quite a bit of attention–and even used the “live” LC/NACO Authority File, to boot–if not a “road test”? Not to mention all of the cataloging done by libraries that continued to use RDA after the test?

Attention from whom? A tiny part of the library community consisting of 0.000001% of the populace? When has this been discussed with the actual users, not just catalogers? That is a real road test would consist of: real, live conditions with real live people. Not a bunch of salesmen who get together to discuss how great the newest car is, but the people who will actually decide whether they want to buy and drive the cars.

How many members of the public were asked about how they liked the rule of three going to the rule of one? And why would anything think that catalogers will do more than is expected of them? I guess because catalogers are completely different from everyone else and will do more than required whenever possible. We all know that is true. Does everyone really think that it will lead to a case of “Catalogers Unchained” or “Catalogers Gone Crazy” or “Finding the Inner Cataloger”? And that the supervisors will allow them to do more than is required?

Of course we should expect people to be human, and to do the minimum required of them. That’s why standards exist in the first place. To believe anything else is simply naive.

Why don’t we hold a referendum among the public? I think because we know what they would say.




  1. josh said:

    Wouldn&#39;t the better analogy be to ask the public how they want the exhaust manifold on next year&#39;s model to function? <br /><br />Both are fairly obscure parts of a fairly useful tool. I don&#39;t think that most people care about how either actually functions on a daily basis. <br /><br />As long as it works…

    January 23, 2013
  2. A good point, but I will say that tracing one author vs. tracing three authors is something everyone can understand. I would say that if I could find something under Masters AND under Johnson, if another book comes in again written by both authors, and this one I can find it only under Masters, that makes a difference that everyone can understand.<br /><br />Many of the other changes with RDA, I&

    January 23, 2013
  3. Anonymous said:

    I think RDA is dead on arrival if it ever arrives. Having libraries&#39; catalogues on the Internet is a nuisance that librarians never understand. I myself is a librarian but don&#39;t like the cult-like environment they seems to treasure among themselves.

    February 9, 2013

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