Re: [ACAT] NISO/DCMI webinar with Eric Miller – Bibliographic Framework Initiative

Posting to Autocat

On 03/01/2013 18:43, Marc Truitt forwarded some concerns from Karen Coyle about the NISO/DCMI event

All, Reposting (with Karen’s permission) the following exchange about this topic as it appeared on the code4lib list. I think that Karen’s is a worrisome comment about an important aspect of the bibframe development effort, i.e., that said development is essentially excluding many interested stakeholders. Are there any Autocat-ers with similar (or contrary) experiences? What do folks here think?

This can all be considered that the bibframe people have other concerns. They are obviously under the gun to create and finish bibframe so that they can claim success and they don’t want to get weighed down by a bunch of questions. In this way it is very similar to RDA and FRBR: focus everyone’s attention on understanding it and how best to implement it technically. Don’t open it up to genuine questioning as to its design or purpose, and ignore questions that deal with practical consequences.

But on the other hand, I would be surprised if Eric Miller will radically change anything from the talk he gave in October (or thereabouts) that several of us discussed on Autocat at some length. For the most part, I liked what he had to say. My original post is here That one anyone can watch for free!