Re: [ACAT] Local vs. centralized bibliographic data

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On 16/01/2013 21:42, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

What happens if the “cloud” has problems, as did Netflix during the holidays? Some futurists advocating relocalization predict that declining resources could have that effect.

Normally down-time is not so bad. Resources may not be available for awhile but they come back online soon enough. This is nothing essentially new. Physical items are constantly being misplaced or stolen and those can go missing for a long time before they are found or a new copy arrives and processed to replace the item.

Much more important than simple down-time is when materials are leased and if you don’t come up with the extra money, you can lose everything. It hasn’t happened yet that I know of but what if some company you lease these materials from declares bankruptcy and shuts things down? Or maybe an “evil” company acquires your “good” company and sells all of your patron’s information for whatever they can get?

It is still very much a wild-west environment on the web, but it seems that libraries have no choice except to enter it. Otherwise, they will be left too far in the past.