Re: [ACAT] Hybrid records in OCLC

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On 01/17/2013 06:37 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

It seems to me it would be better to have no relationship terms or codes rather than a mix of legacy records without, and RDA records with. If we adopt them, we will need to revisit legacy records.

While there are some areas of a record that can be changed without major problems for users, there are other areas that will have major impacts. For instance, the older practices of paging, where
“6 p. L., [17]-274, [1] p. incl. front.”

is not such a problem fitting into the practices we have today. This is because very few patrons need subtleties such as these. This information is only for display, and exists primarily for librarians for inventory purposes. Since librarians are the experts, they should be expected to understand any differences they may see.

When the changes affect access, it becomes far more complex to change because those changes affect everyone and deals with the function of the catalog. Relationship terms are a good example. Will they be there only for display, or for retrieval? If it is to be retrieval, catalogers must take the added responsibility to provide consistent retrieval so that searchers can get a result they can rely upon. This means updating the so-called legacy records. If the legacy records are not updated, it becomes far more complex to get a reliable search result.

If the purpose is only for display, then it must be determined if it is worth the extra time and trouble.