Re: [ACAT] Complexity and counter-intuitiveness in cataloging (Was: [ACAT] In RDA, sheet or volume?)

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On 29/01/2013 01:58, Frank Newton wrote:

Since I enjoy the details of cataloging, I would say that instead of having the problem of “my eyes glaze over” with discussions of how to apply RDA, I have the problem of “other peoples’ eyes glaze over” — not necessarily the eyes of other people on this listserv, but the eyes of other librarians at my library, yes, definitely. My best efforts to make cataloging sound like it’s relevant to Reference librarians enjoy only modest success.

A perceptive insight and my (and others’) experience as well. If reference librarians don’t think cataloging is relevant, what does that mean for the rest of the public? Why would the public think cataloging is relevant if even reference librarians don’t?

Is it too outrageous to consider that just perhaps these attitudes may be partly right (not completely right). If this were accepted as partly true, the question would become: How could we make cataloging relevant?