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On 10/07/2012 17:27, Hall, Jack wrote:

I’m cataloging the (cover) title: Metal casements, stained glass, decorative ironwork / William Morris and Company (Ruskin House) Ltd. There is a page with the name in this form: William Morris & Compy. (Ruskin House) Limited. There are various matching or partly matching OCLC records, for example 44658560, 214305726, 82912080, 20188776

The first printed page has this potentially interesting statement: “Ruskin House, Westminster, is the only address of the company in England, and it is no way associated with any other firm of a similar name.” This page also has a typed list of updated prices as of May, 1922 pasted on it, saying William Morris & Company (Westminster) Ltd.
There is an authority record:
010 n 80137474
040 DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC
1102 Morris & Co. (London, England)
4102 Morris & Company, London ǂw nnaa
5102 Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Company ǂw a
No references for a name beginning William ….

The WWW home page for Morris & Co. has the internet address: (note “william”) but the history given is as in the authority record with no mention of any official name ever used that begins William …

Does anybody know if this is the same company? Does the sentence about “no way associated with any other firm of a similar name” have any bearing? If it is the same company, should I simply add a 410 field or two to the authority record? I do not plan to investigate whether Morris & Co. at some point became “Willliam Morris and Company” and then changed back to Morris & Co., which would involve creating another authority record rather than simply adding a 410 to the current record.

This one was fun. Based on looking at the LC catalog, it looks as if the items under the heading above “Morris & Co. (London, England)” is related to the famous William Morris of the Arts and Crafts movement.

I found a digital copy of what seems to be your catalog in the Internet Archive, but the most helpful page was from our Australian colleagues at the Historic Houses Trust Under “Art Metalwork” you will see what appears to be your catalog, and click on “more” where you find out that:
“William Morris & Company (Ruskin House) was established in 1899 by a man named William Morris. He was not the renowned textile designer, artist, writer and socialist William Morris (1834-1896) associated with the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the English arts and crafts movement but probably derived some commercial profile from the name” which explains about the “no way associated” phrase you mention. Plus, there is additional info on the company as well. They also provide a complete collation. Congratulations on a very nice job down there!

I hope this helps.