Re: [ACAT] Advance Notice: Phase 1 of the PCCAHITG Phased Implentation of RDA to begin soon

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On 18/07/2012 18:49, Kevin M Randall wrote:

How can the changes demonstrate anything, until they actually have taken place? Fighting against the changes, hoping they don’t take place, does not help us get anywhere.

That is precisely the purpose of making a business case–to ensure that you are building something that people want. Otherwise, everyone is going only on their gut feelings, and not everyone has those same feelings in their guts. It is not allowed in a business environment since they have been seriously burned so many times, so today the success or failure of a project is based not on holding your breath and crossing your fingers, but on research, market testing, and discussion. With RDA/FRBR, there is still absolutely zero evidence that any of this will make any difference at all to the public because nobody has ever done the research.

When you mention that fighting against the changes does not help us get anywhere–in the current environment, we don’t even know where this “anywhere” is! Nobody knows the right way to go. That’s why people are expected to make business cases. Somebody should have stood up against the Ford Edsel. Somebody should have stood up when businesses kept wanting to make horses and buggies. But they didn’t.