Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Re: RDA Implementation Date Set

Posting to Autocat

On 14/03/2012 15:41, Brenndorfer, Thomas wrote:
Zing! Some of the headings are for W and E! Some of the records and other headings are for W, E, M, I, as well as P, CB, F, and S. Records in turn embed multiple aspects of those very same entities. How are the entities defined and made clear? How are the entites then related to each other? We can't do all the new things until we straighten out what we have now.
But first, several things must be demonstrated, above all, how the lack of WEMI prevents anybody from finding this record in any way. What are the horrible consequences, if any at all? Please point them out because I certainly cannot imagine how there could be any negative practical consequences here. So, I don't think this record shows that there is anything to straighten out at all.

Next, someone needs to show how any problems (if any) demonstrated in the retrieval of the record cannot be corrected in other ways, using such methods as Worldcat indexes, or available in Zebra indexing or by other means.

Finally, catalogers, along with library administrators, must recognize that any RDA/FRBR records they make will be, and will forever remain, a tiny, tiny percentage of the whole of the metadata records used by the public. Unless libraries can create some humdinger of a search tool--along with a convincing business plan--I certainly cannot imagine too many other agencies will be signing on to create FRBR-type records.

Sooner or later, theory must be thrown overboard to show some kind of practical consequences if libraries are to embark on some incredible, costly, cataloging journey.

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