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On 14/03/2012 13:45, Brenndorfer, Thomas wrote:

What would an entity-relationship model of the pre-existing concepts in bibliographic data look like?

To enter the semantic web/linked data/web3.0 world, all we have to do is give URIs for names of things, make those URIs into things that work on the web (http), use RDF (or microdata) and then link what can be linked. So long as we say that the “things” are *not* WEMI but instead say that the “things” are our *headings* as they stand now and the *records* as they are, it can be managed. The reason for the emphasis on WEMI has been that they are an important part of the “user tasks” (i.e. what people want), but I don’t think that I need to remind everyone what I think of that.

This has been done at least, in Open Agris. They are still working on it, but here is a sample record (It takes awhile to load) AGRIS does not have name authority, but you’ll find other links throughout. None of this is perfect I am sure, but it doesn’t matter, nothing will ever be perfect, and something can be done now, and without changing everything that their catalogers are doing.