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On 25/02/2012 21:48, Gene Fieg wrote:

Was doing authority work on *698361289, in which the romanization of the Russian seems to link the separate word together with ligatures on both sides of the romatization of “ia”. A previous authority record for the Russian church did not have the character so ligatured.

Is the romanization in the authority record 386754 Russkai︠a︡ pravoslavnai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovʹ correct. (in this e-mail, it looks correct, but in the record, the ligatures on either side of i and the a. The ligaturing in the authority record looks confusing.

In an earlier “iteration” of my cataloging career, I made the Slavic Cataloging Manual, now at U Indiana, and included several transliteration tables. I planned to expand this significantly but other things happened. Here is the Russian one. (Original manual is at

I never considered the problem of actually inputting the diacritics, but when inputting each diacritic goes *before* the letter, so with i︠a︡, you put add the opening diacritic “i”, closing diacritic “a”. The same goes for other multiple diacritics. Maybe someone can update that part of the manual somewhere to add this information.

I remember having discussions when Unicode came out, whether transliteration should still be done. At first I said no, but others convinced me that it is still important, primarily since these colleagues pointed out that library staff who do not know cyrillic (or other non-roman alphabets) are still able to work with these records to an extent, plus students who are not experts in the language are helped substantially by seeing the transliterations.