Re: HathiTrust & five universities sued

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On 13/09/2011 16:11, Roeder, Randall F wrote:

It was bound to happen …

Thanks for pointing this out. Of course, coming from the Authors’ Guild, this article is anything but unbiased. The Hathitrust people must foreseen this and have thought about it long and hard.

While I understand that the authors and publishers feel pressed, I think libraries are being pressed just as hard. Look at Harper Collin’s outrageous 26 checkout limit, and now there are serious problems with ILL for items created outside of the U.S.

My experience with publishers is that they have always hated ILL and consider it, in the words of one publisher, “Interlibrary loan? We call that interlibrary theft!” And sorry, for those authors whose books have been out of print for a long time, that simple fact speaks volumes. Instead of getting mad at libraries, they should rather be thanking them for raising interest in their otherwise forgotten books. It would seem much more logical for those authors to sue their publishers to start publishing their books again. Of course, nobody wants to even mention that Amazon’s most popular books are free. See “Amazon to Drop Free Books from Kindle Bestseller List”

They dropped them from their list? Somebody must have been embarrassed about that!

Obviously, “intellectual property” has ceased to fulfill its purpose and is serving only to make everyone concerned unhappy, from authors, to publishers, to libraries, to readers.