HathiTrust & five universities sued (cont.)

Posting to Autocat

Concerning this discussion, there is the Chronicle blog posting: “Library Groups Condemn Authors Guild Lawsuit Over Digitized Books” http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/library-groups-condemn-authors-guild-lawsuit-over-digitized-books/36280

Bravo to these libraries and their principled stance. Their statement “It is deplorable that eight authors and three special interest groups are trying to dismantle this invaluable resource out of a misplaced fear of the digital future,” is absolutely correct. Times are changing radically and very quickly, and someone must speak for the actual “consumers” of information.

As I wrote before, I find it very revealing that the anger is focused on *libraries* who are actually trying to raise the demand for their materials, and not directed at the *publishers* who have decided against printing and selling their books.