Re: Justification of added entries

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On 25/08/2011 22:53, Adam L. Schiff wrote:

Actually, in our catalog, WorldCat Local from OCLC, they DO look for journal articles, and they are there, from many different databases, with links to full text.

While I applaud this in many ways, many (most?) of the records for the articles are inconsistent with the rest of the database, to take only one example: with subjects that are not LCSH and the form of name varies from the Authority File: Sergunin, A. A. (Aleksandr Anatolʹevich). This is not singling out Worldcat, since this happens with almost all databases, and demonstrates the ideas and possibilities of the Semantic Web.

Worldcat has made one step forward, and an important one, but there remains a lot to do since it still effectively hides many records from searchers. I think there are many options to try to interoperate, and this shows one step on the path toward the realization of one of those options.