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Quoting James Weinheimer:

Worldcat has made one step forward, and an important one, but there remains a lot to do since it still effectively hides many records from searchers. I think there are many options to try to interoperate, and this shows one step on the path toward the realization of one of those options.

“Effectively hides”??

Jim, please explain. Style and consistency of names? VIAF worked out how to reduce that problem, they just need to apply the knowledge they already have.
Hiding resources, because the records are hidden by inconsistency (if that’s what you mean), is nobody’s purpose. It might be more productive to consider how many resources now appear in WorldCat because it’s drawing on so many files, and to consider what are the first practical steps to draw records together, then what may be the next steps; meanwhile keeping a watch on bulk dataprocessing advances (like VIAF which I keep mentioning, I think it’s brilliant).

Yes, that is exactly what I mean: if you click on a record with the name heading in the NAF form, you will not find the record I linked to, and if you click on the form in that record, you will not find the records with the NAF form. The same for subjects (and titles if any existed). I also love VIAF and hope that it will represent a practical way forward that will make a tremendous difference to our users that they can appreciate.

Are there solutions to this, which I think is a much more important need to our users than, e.g. O.T. and N.T., abbreviations, punctuation or relator codes. I have my own ideas, based a lot on VIAF-type thinking, but I am sure there are other options that may be better. We should think in terms of small steps however, instead of aiming for the huge “grand solution”, but much more modest ones that aim simply at helping people find resources better than they can today. That is much easier to achieve. Then, when people can begin to see and understand how useful conceptual searching can be (i.e. using our authorized forms as they are supposed to function, and in new, innovative ways), whatever we make can evolve as we gain insights into how the public uses it.