Re: How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm

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On 29/08/2011 14:31, Meloni, Julie wrote:

Training is done in a custom system using already-rated search results; if you get X number correct, you can move on in the process. All ratings have several sets of eyes on them, and even more if the ratings differ (say between a 3 and a 5 on a 5 point scale). There is room (and a requirement) that you argue for your rating in that situation. In my experience, fellow raters were educated, tech-savvy individuals with the ability to make logical arguments; they look for people with broad knowledge since you have to be able to rate results for Lady Gaga, tsunamis, cricket results, and space exploration equally well (as an example).

That is very interesting! You mentioned “if you get X number correct”. In your opinion, was it pretty clear what was “correct” and what was “incorrect”? Although I am only imagining since I haven’t seen it, it seems as if it would easier to figure out if one is “incorrect” instead of “correct”. For instance, a query of “Mona Lisa” that retrieved a resource on herding reindeer in Finland could be labelled incorrect pretty safely. But determining what would be “correct” would seem to be more difficult: the painting or the song, or perhaps some words from a poem. For example, when evaluating the search “Mona Lisa” how would a high ranking of a page about Nat King Cole be considered? Or is this not the way it works?

I find this fascinating, by the way!