Re: Completeness of records

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On 08/08/2011 18:30, Kevin M Randall wrote:

James, you have continually made the assertion that users are not interested in the FRBR user tasks, that what they want is something else. In order that we may be able to communicate more clearly about FRBR, I respectfully request a simple example of something the users want that does not fit into one of the FRBR user tasks. Just one will do.

I suggest you listen to my podcast on Search., and my latest podcast for a more humorous view. Concerning the latter one, lots of people have sent messages saying that this is how they feel about library catalogs.

I also suggest the writings of John Battelle, who wrote the book “Search”. Here is one article, and there are a lot of his talks online too. Determining what the public wants and expects from searching is a major topic now, potentially with lots of money riding on the outcome. My point is: for better or worse, that is the future and there is little we can do about it. Therefore, how can we fit into that scenario using the resources available now? What do we have to offer that no one else does?