Re: [ACAT] How to index statement of responsibility

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On 21/07/2011 17:54, J. McRee Elrod wrote:

We even like key word searching of 300, so we can find sample records or particular SMDs. The SLC OPAC has keyword search by MARC field, and we find it very helpful.

This can show the problems of this kind of searching. When you open up the 300 field to keyword searching, you automatically have problems searching numbers, which can be very important in scientific and technical publications. If you index the 300 field, a search for “123” retrieves everything with 123 p., or a search for “23” picks up everything that is 23 cm, and becomes much more complicated for users to understand why they are looking at records that have nothing to do with their search, and more importantly, how to work with them.

The same goes for indexing the 260 field. A keyword search for e.g. “New York” will retrieve everything published in New York, which most people do not want. To get around this, you cannot say simply “NOT 260 new york” because you do want items published in New York, so limits must be made specifically for title and subject fields, in other words, a highly complex search that is beyond the capabilities of most users.

Still, I agree that being able to search all fields and subfields can be very handy for expert searchers (i.e. catalogers), who understand what they are doing and can look for sample records far more quickly and  easily when the entire record is indexed. For instance, when setting up a name, I really liked being able to search for 100/700$c for examples of different qualifying terms. But almost nobody else needs to do
anything like that.

Matters are different concerning 245$c, since I personally think the advantages of indexing outweigh any disadvantages.