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On 24/06/2011 22:17, MULLEN Allen wrote:

Here’s a search result from the recently unveiled NYPL site: Well done!


This is a very nice step, although not a final one. As Pat Sayre-McCoy pointed out, not everyone wants to read the opinions of the rank and file. Can something be built fairly easily that would be an improvement? I think something can, but again, it is a “nice step”, not a final one. Earlier, I built a site that lets you go to the latest book reviews on some of the most important newspaper and magazines, etc. at From just the US newspaper book review sites, I created a Google Custom Search page

This just took a few minutes, but from this widgets can be made to automatically search for reviews using the information from the catalog record, by taking the exact 245 and first author, to create a query, e.g. for Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India By Joseph Lelyveld
or Untold Story by Monica Ali

This is the kind of tool that is quick and easy to make and update, *free*, and one that can undoubtedly be improved in all kinds of ways. There are probably better tools out there and ways to improve the search, but something like this would be another nice step forward to provide people with something better than what exists now.



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