Re: Mind-maps and LCSH/SKOS/OWL

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On 01/06/2011 08:34, Bernhard Eversberg wrote:

31.05.2011 21:21, Cindy Harper:

So I’m very uninformed and a newbie, experience-wise, to the semantic web. But I wondered if there were a visual semantic-net viewing application that would allow a person to browse through the BTs and NTs in the syndetic structure of LCSH.

An entirely different approach is here, the LCSH Browser:

This is no graphically enhanced view, though.

Bernhard’s tool is very good. Still, it would be interesting to have a view such as found in the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus, e.g., and you can easily see and navigate the entire hierarchies. The USDA National Agriculture Library has a nice view as well, e.g., and you can click to see the Hierarchy.

This was something I was hoping that could be done similarly with the site but the subdivisions are not encoded separately, only with double hyphens, like on the cards. Still, it may be useful to be able to see the entire hierarchy for, e.g. “Fine bindings”, e.g.

———-Auxiliary sciences of history
——Social sciences
Visual communication
–Graphic arts
——Print finishing processes
———–Fine bindings

with everything clickable like in the AAT. It works fairly well with separate clicks in but it’s not all on one page so you don’t get the same overview as you do in the AAT or in the NAL Thesaurus. Plus somehow, I think the subdivisions need to be added into this to get a more comprehensive idea of what is available and how it all works.

Of course, the other thesauri are faceted, so it may be more difficult with LCSH. Or then again, maybe not.