Google Public Data Explorer opens up

Posting to NGC4LIB

Google is now allowing anyone to upload their own datasets to use in conjunction with Google Public Data. There is a standardized format for the information, the Dataset Publishing Language, which is XML and CSV. It doesn’t look *too* difficult, but this is only at first glance, and actually doing it could wind up a monster! Still, I can imagine some automatic converters being made to make conversion very simple.

Of course, the difficult part will be to decide what there is (if anything) from our bibliographic data to use with this tool. This will be trial and error of course, but I could imagine trying call numbers, subjects, perhaps formats, lengths of books, who knows what else mapped to publication dates (or dates of cataloging) to put into this tool, and see what happens. For example, I would be very interested to find out how usage of subject subdivisions has changed over the years, because lately, it seems as if fewer subdivisions are being assigned and are replaced with a multiple “descriptor” type of practice. This could be done by exporting all 6xx $x along with the year of cataloging and see how they have changed over the years. Trying the other subdivisions may be interesting, too.

But I wouldn’t try doing this with ISO2709 records! 🙂