RE: Why do they hate us?

Posting to: Why do they Hate Us? from the Chronicle of Higher Education

I think the reason there is so much anger out there is because many people feel they are being taken. Let’s face it: the real purpose of a university today, in spite of John Newman’s missive, is to provide certification. While I am sure there are some spiritual seekers out there who really are in school for “education”, “enlightenment”, and so on, who will later be happy with their Master’s or Ph.D in philosophy while they mop floors or sell socks, while they pay off their student loans over many years, I suspect there are many, many more who want to end up with a good job.

While the press is replete with stories about how people with a college degree are faring–not so well, but less badly–than those with only a high school degree, I wonder how skewed such statistics are in favor of higher education.

But beyond that, just imagine that after you have read about those statistics, you glance over to see your unemployed son asleep on the couch, whose education cost you enough money for a few brand-new cars–or even much more, and I hope people will question those statistics that show how “well” people do with a higher education.

To quote Chico Marx: “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”